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Pieced pillowcase

December 3, 2016
When we moved into our current place, we were pretty slow about getting living room furniture, so I thought I’d made some big floor pillows to sit on. I went with a pieced design because I love the look of patchwork quilts, but I’m not a fan of how stiff they are compared to the ultra-squishy fleece blankets I’m used to. Here’s the finished piece. The pillow is a 24 x 24” square down pillow from, and the fabric is a “linen-look” blend from Jo-ann. Read more

Baskets from waste paper

November 13, 2016
After living in one place for over a year, we’ve accumulated a bunch of video adaptor cables and other small dongles and dongle-like objects. Usually they end up scattered across the floor and stuck between couch cushions, so I decided to get a basket for them to live in. I didn’t like any of the ones I found at Target, so I figured I could make one out of paper. This way I’d avoid buying another soulless plastinc thing or piece of overpriced lacquered wicker. Read more

Lined tubular pencil case

October 30, 2016
Here’s a little pencil case I made for home, since I lost the one I’ve been using for years. It has a linen shell and muslin lining. Yes, I love lined pouches. I wanted this to fit a good handful of writing and drawing tools. The longest implement I ever carry is a fresh 7” wooden pencil, so I sized it to fit one of those. The scale on the cutting mat is 1” square. Read more
Last post was about my previous attempts at dealing with zipper ends, so here’s my most recent one (the current favorite). No, it doesn’t look that much different from the other ones, but you might notice that the ends of the zipper curve down into the seam a bit nicer. Please ignore all the creases…next time I’ll back that floppy linen with some more robust interfacing. Here’s the good part. No side seam! Read more
I’ve been thinking about flat zippered pouches for a while. I’m not a fan of the usual zipper end treatments, which I think are bulky and take up too much of the usable zipper length. The bulk of four seam allowances (shell + lining) and the zipper ends is just hard to deal with in a way that doesn’t make a hard lump at the top corners once they’re sewn and turned. Read more

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